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Where to buy binchotan white charcoal?

Where to buy binchotan white charcoal?

Where to buy Binchotan white charcoal in Hanoi is an issue of concern to clean charcoal dealers, Japanese barbecue restaurants, Korean hot pot restaurants, and Vietnamese restaurants. Than Viet realizes that distinguishing good white coal from poor quality white coal is a difficult problem for customers.

In addition to the price factor, this is also an issue to consider when choosing where to buy binchotan white charcoal and which supplier. However, the price will follow the market price, depending on the volume of goods imported and the distance of the restaurant to the supplier’s warehouse.

One problem is that most of us want to buy cheap but high quality products. This is often paradoxical. In this article, THAN VIET will analyze some important issues, detailed information and concepts about binchotan white charcoal, so that you can be clear and make the best choice.

Notes when using white charcoal:

  • All types of binchotan white charcoal do not produce smoke when lit. So if it is called white charcoal or white charcoal, then certainly when kindling and burning white charcoal, it will not produce smoke. This will help you easily distinguish it from other types of coal. Smoke produced during BBQ grilling is due to the fat in animal meat melting under the effect of high temperature. Fat falls onto burning coals and will produce smoke. If the fat burns into a flame, the smoke will disappear. This is why modern grills need a separate tray to drain fat from meat when grilling.
  • In addition, priming white coal will be more difficult than other types of coal such as sawdust coal, black coal, and pressed coal. Because white charcoal is very hard and strong.
  • Finished white coal has many holes in its structure. So it is easy to absorb moisture, causing splashes and crackling when grouped. This explains why. If it is white charcoal, it must be tightly wrapped in a PE plastic bag.
  • Depending on the white coal burning technique, the structure of the white coal burning furnace, and the type of white coal burning wood, different types of binchotan white coal will be created.


Before answering the question of  where to buy BINCHOTAN white coal , let’s learn more about white coal.

White charcoal is binchotan charcoal  produced from fresh firewood materials such as twisted eucalyptus, longan lychee, coffee tree, mangrove tree… The material is heated in oxygen-deficient conditions, at high temperatures above 1100 degrees Celsius, then forced cooling by coating with powder mixture. (including soil, sand and ash).

The reason it is called white charcoal is because the outer layer of the charcoal after cooling has a layer of white powder, like chalk. That is coal ash, the result of the carbon burning of the outer layer of the coal bar when covered with a mixture of soil powder, sand and ash.

Nowadays, manufacturers can use iron barrels to ferment white coal, and at the same time do forced cooling.

As for the name “binchotan”, the original and transliterated Japanese is: 備長炭 – Binchōtan. Meaning charcoal. The Japanese have a very unique and long-standing technology for making white charcoal. You can watch videos on Youtube with the keyword: “Japanese Binchotan production technology”.

The confusion between  Binchotan white charcoal  and  Ogatan charcoal  is “sawdust pressed charcoal, coconut shell charcoal”.

Distinguishing types of white coal:

Characteristics that can distinguish white charcoal include:

  • Appearance, looking at the cross-section of white charcoal: single cracks from the center are binchotan litchi longan white charcoal; No fine cracks are white charcoal from healthy trees (also known as maitiew) or white charcoal from mangrove trees. However, mangrove white charcoal is also cracked a lot. Eucalyptus white charcoal is also a type that rarely cracks
  • The sound of tapping two white charcoal sticks together
  • Cross-sectional surface of binchotan white charcoal bar when broken. Brightness and shine, the shinier, the more silvery in color… the higher the quality. That is, the higher the carbon content in coal, the lower the ash level, and the higher the calorific value emitted when burned.

Distinguish binchotan white charcoal from sawdust charcoal and charcoal (also known as ogatan). The name ogatan is easy to mislead individual buyers, when you want to buy the best quality binchotan white charcoal for BBQ grilling at home. Here are some differences.

Coal typeSectionShapeStiffnessAppearanceElectrical conductivityPrice
BinchotanGlossy, bright silver, with a uniform, clear colorRound or sawn, like a stick of firewoodIt clangs like iron when the two bars collideThere is a layer of white powder, or it doesn’t turn your hands black to the touch, if it does, it’s just a grayish color…Have30 – 40k/kg
Than Ogatan    There is only light on the outer edges with sawdust charcoal; Other coal has no lightThere is a round hole in the middle; or with charcoal which is a natural form of firewoodThere is no jingle; Sawdust charcoal is harder if practiced for a long timeDirty black hands to touchAre not18 – 25k/kg sawdust charcoal; 10 – 13k/kg of charcoal; pressed charcoal

The price of regular white binchotan charcoal is 2 times higher than the price of sawdust charcoal; 2.5 – 3 times more than charcoal. Depending on the volume of purchase, quality standards, packaging specifications… the price of different types of coal will be different. You need to consult the market.

Characteristics, properties and uses of white charcoal:

You need to clearly understand the uses of white charcoal.

Read details here, you will understand >>> Uses of binchotan white charcoal.


With distributors, traders, import-export and domestic parties, and BBQ hot pot restaurants, they are very clear about the characteristics of charcoal grills. However, for the majority of consumers, the information is unclear and it is difficult to distinguish binchotan white charcoal from sawdust, charcoal, and pressed charcoal.

If you are someone who regularly buys binchotan  white charcoal  ?

If you love grilling, cooking facilities are available.

If you are a tea shop or water filtration unit.

Customers usually  buy Binchotan white charcoal  through the following distribution channels:

  1. Companies that produce white coal directly distribute.
  2. Retail units of charcoal grill products.
  3. Supermarkets, shopping centers, convenience retail stores.
  4. Commercial unit selling BBQ charcoal products.


The white coal trading market  has only existed in Vietnam for the past 20 years. However, currently Vietnam is a large production market in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is the choice for white coal importers from all over the world. Such as: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, USA, Germany, UK, Middle East.

Binchotan white coal products in the Vietnamese market today are mainly white coal types:

  • Eucalyptus white charcoal (note that it must be twisted eucalyptus, the quality of white charcoal will be higher than high-yield eucalyptus).
  • White charcoal fabric labels
  • White coal becomes barbs
  • Coffee white charcoal, konia, rag…


Finding a place to buy white charcoal  is now much easier. Because you can use technology to search. However, too much information is also inconvenient. And choosing and distinguishing information about white charcoal or the products you need to buy is also a problem.

For more than 10 years of production and business, it is also an equipment manufacturing unit and technology transferer for clean coal production in Vietnam. THAN VIET offers some notes and instructions so customers can choose to cooperate with us, as well as other units:

  • For import-export traders: you need to make friends on Zalo and set targets for binchotan white charcoal. Including: plant type, quality, packaging, volume, packaging market. Of course, include your information: company name, address, contact person, phone number.
  • For distributors and agents: you specify the type of white coal to distribute, the volume imported per month, or once. Please leave your address and phone number for contact. We have a warehouse in Ha Dong, Hanoi
  • For restaurant customers, if near the Hanoi area, please contact us to be provided with the addresses of some agents.

Note: for parties buying white charcoal in large quantities. You will understand the basics of white charcoal production techniques, distinguish the criteria and especially need to take samples for testing at quality testing centers.


Searching for where to buy binchotan coal, you can now easily do it through search engines such as: Google, Facebook, some e-commerce platforms… You can go to Google to search for the keyword: buy Where is white charcoal, or what is binchotan white charcoal? Or binchotan white charcoal in Hanoi, Ha Dong, Cau Giay, Ba Dinh…

Note: Please read detailed information about binchotan white charcoal before deciding to buy. To avoid losing money and time with unsatisfactory quality.

The article, What is white charcoal, below shares complete information about binchotan white charcoal that will help you buy the right type of binchotan white charcoal of domestic and export quality.

>>>> What is binchotan white charcoal? Packaging standards, domestic and export


Buying white charcoal in Hanoi city is easy at THAN VIET.

Depending on your needs, you should consider choosing a good product.

At the same time, pay attention to the supplier’s consulting and after-sales service.

Note that you should try buying in small quantities before making larger orders.

You should choose companies specializing in white coal business because:

  • They will focus all company resources on the product and have seniority in the industry.
  • The unit will optimize the white coal production business process.
  • Having experience in the field, diversifying designs to suit consumers.

Where can you buy binchotan white charcoal?

Where to buy binchotan white charcoal at reasonable prices and quality in Hanoi?

To buy quality products at reasonable prices without worry. You can find and buy from THAN VIET, EcocharVIETNAM, we distribute longan binchotan white charcoal, eucalyptus binchotan white charcoal. Regarding specifications and packaging requirements, please contact the hotline directly: 0988.75.1954

Domestic cutting, packaging and exporting binchotan white coal in Hanoi:

Above is just basic information about activated carbon. When you need more detailed information about the technology and characteristics of activated carbon, please contact us.


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