• 27/04/2024
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High quality smokeless binchotan charcoal exported to USA

Famous for its marbling of fat mixed in every fiber of meat and its characteristic fatty and delicious taste, Wagyu beef is the premium meat of the land of the rising sun, classified as one of the most nutritious and delicious dishes. most expensive in the world. 

Wagyu has long been famous for its deliciousness, nutritiousness, and health benefits compared to conventional meats. Besides the red and pink meat veins mixed with fat, Wagyu beef also has a sweet and soft aroma that seems to melt as soon as it touches the tongue.

When the charcoal grill heats up to a moderate temperature, you just need to arrange each slice of meat evenly on the grill, add a few vegetables around it and wait for the meat to cook. With temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius of white charcoal – the King of charcoal , Wagyu slices also add a delicious flavor. Charcoal grilling style not only makes the dish more delicious but also brings the most quintessential cuisine of the beautiful country of Japan.

For those who are passionate about Japanese grilled cuisine, the moment of feeling the sweetness in each piece of meat mixed with the rich sauce is definitely the most anticipated thing. Pick up a piece of just-cooked meat, dip it in the sauce, and you will enjoy the rich sweetness that melts into every sense.

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