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  1. Binchotan white coal type 1

Charcoal is made from longan and lychee wood – a solid wood that makes the charcoal very heavy, burns until it burns, has high heat and burns for a much longer time than other types of charcoal.

Boiler technology helps coal reach maximum dryness, completely eliminating dust and smoke. White charcoal is originally processed from lychee firewood, longan is free of dirt, and is not mixed with impurities, thus eliminating fires and explosions from the oven.

Thanks to its high heat level and long lasting life, binchotan charcoal is very suitable for grilling whole pieces of meat: roasting duck, roasting chicken, grilling whole pieces of pork and beef, grilling fish, roasting pig…

2. Binchotan white coal type 2

White coal has the same quality as grade 1 coal, but does not meet the standard size requirements for export to Japan, Korea… so it is sold at a cheaper price than grade 1 coal.

As charcoal is produced from other types of firewood other than fabric and longan, the heat level and burning time cannot be equal to type 1 charcoal.

Some types of cheap firewood such as eucalyptus or acacia, etc. have spongy stems, so the charcoal burns quickly and has less heat.

In addition, the coal incubation process and furnace also affect the quality of binchotan coal. When charcoal is incubated in a water furnace, it is often difficult to achieve enough dryness, so smoke will remain during use.

This type 2 binchotan white charcoal has a lower price so it is suitable for grilling meat skewers, grilling rolls, grilling small pieces of meat, grilling seafood, grilling fish on mobile grills…

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