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Binchotan white charcoal – smokeless, non-toxic – exported Civet charcoal


In addition to the name Kenya tree, it is also known as Civet tree and is produced using Japanese technology (steel making technology) to create the highest quality coal. A type of charcoal that meets export standards to Japan, Korea, America, Australia, and Europe. Specially used for professional smokeless BBQ grills in Japan and Korea. Clean, smokeless charcoal used for indoor barbecues or outdoor picnics

Non-toxic, safe for users.

No smoke, no odor, no chemicals.

The amount of heat released when burning is high.

Burning time is 3-4 hours long (2-3 times longer than regular charcoal).

When burned, no sparks are emitted, no explosion…

In addition, smokeless charcoal is also very suitable for heating (according to Asian tradition, women who have just given birth become weak and need to be kept warm to ensure their health). Charcoal is produced using advanced Japanese production lines and technology.

The material is 100% natural wood, taken from the trunk of the Eucalyptus tree, selected for the appropriate tree age, then processed and put into a complete carbonization process within 9-12 days. The final step is natural cooling without water spray, cooling time is 2-3 days.

How to distinguish high-quality white charcoal: when you knock the charcoal together, you will hear a “clinking” sound. Cost savings: because of the high heat output, long burning time and can be reused, the cost of using 1kg of white coal will be much more beneficial than 1kg of black coal.
Instructions for use:

Group the charcoal easily by igniting it with available black charcoal or igniting it with a gas torch.

Extinguish fire completely after use. Reuse if the charcoal is not completely burned.

The charcoal will be lined with a plastic bag to avoid moisture + black charcoal primer + instructions for use.

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