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What effect does white charcoal have? What are the characteristics of white coal and its uses in various fields?

Let’s dig into the details in this article.


Surely you know that our ancestors knew how to create fire thousands of years ago.

The use of fire became more sophisticated as fire was used to create charcoal, especially white charcoal binchotan .

Binchotan white coal produced in the 17th century is a huge achievement of the land of the rising sun.

The unfortunate thing here is that white coal has only appeared in our country in recent years.

With its special structure, white charcoal is applied in many areas of our daily lives.

In the next part, we will learn about 8 wonderful uses of Japanese Binchotan white charcoal.


The culinary secret of traditional Japanese grilled dishes is Binchotan white charcoal.

White charcoal is always the catalyst, honoring the original flavor of every grilled dish.

White charcoal or charcoal is produced for the greatest use: grilling food.

Charcoal is used to grill food

Binchotan white charcoal is considered the highest quality grilling charcoal product in the world today.

The calculated heat when burning 1 kg of white charcoal is an average of 8000 kcal, twice as much as regular black charcoal.

Imagine you are eating grilled dishes at Japanese and Korean restaurants.

The flavor is crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside because:

Grilling with white charcoal is fast and safe, with stable high temperatures.

White charcoal generates infrared rays that cook food from the outside while retaining moisture inside.

The health of you, your children and all your loved ones is always protected by the perfect function of white charcoal.

During the grilling process, white charcoal does not create smoke and dust, keeping the lungs always healthy.

There is no odor, the dish tastes better when enhanced with flavor from Japanese binchotan white charcoal

Every time we pass by grilled restaurants, we have difficulty breathing and our eyes sting because of the toxic smell of CO, SO, SO2 smoke .

Cook Rice Better

In the past, to cook rice better, our grandparents often put a few pieces of charcoal in the rice cooker.

The same goes for the Japanese, the rice will taste better, the grains will be dry with a pleasant aroma.

White charcoal absorbs chlorine in water, while releasing minerals to make rice tastier

Always remember to clean the charcoal bar before putting it in the cooking pot.

The best way to use it is to boil some charcoal in advance and bag it when you need to use it.

Preserving Fruits and Vegetables

Preserving vegetables and fruits is the wonderful use of binchotan white charcoal.

White charcoal is 100% natural so it does not affect the taste and quality of fruits and vegetables.

A popular application today for activated white charcoal products is their ability to effectively absorb and deodorize.

Science has proven the ability to absorb ethylene gas up to 92%, helping to preserve food and fruit freshness.


According to research, 1g of white coal has pores with a surface area of ​​250-300 square meters “equivalent to 1 tennis court”.

Helps white charcoal strongly absorb impurities and dangerous chemicals that exist in water such as ammonia, benzene, chlorine.

By absorbing positive ions, white carbon enhances negative ions that have the ability to neutralize the pH in water.

Drinking water, when filtered with white charcoal, always has a pH level of 8-8.5 , a standard safe for health.

Coming from the countryside, you probably remember that your house also has a homemade water filter.

Build a filter tank with layers of gravel, large sand, charcoal, and small sand. Water is poured directly into the remaining half of the tank, filtered through many layers of natural filters.

In water areas contaminated with alum or heavy metals, we will surely see the magic of this traditional water filter tank.


In agriculture, charcoal is mixed with soil as fertilizer. This type of biochar is often spread on the soil when planting crops.

Charcoal is used in agriculture to improve soil and clean surface water and wastewater.

The use of charcoal and white charcoal as fertilizer has been used for a long time in Japan.

  • Adjusts soil moisture, while providing the opposite on dry days.
  • Improves soil porosity and supports plant roots and plants to grow effectively.
  • The presence of charcoal inhibits the growth of harmful insects and limits the growth of weeds on the soil.
  • With the charcoal surface spread evenly on the soil, it protects plants from slugs and snails that destroy crops.

Binchotan White Charcoal Growing Orchids

Binchotan white charcoal for growing orchids is always the number one choice for those who love orchids.

White charcoal creates an ideal environment to help orchids avoid slugs that chew on young roots.

More specifically, white charcoal with a carbon content always greater than 90% is extremely strong and difficult to rot.

White charcoal has had all essential oils and impurities removed from the wood, so it is safe for tree growth.

With white charcoal, we should crush it to the size of a toe, then soak the whole thing in white water or clear lime water. When the coal hydrates and begins to sink, it can be used.


White Charcoal Helps Rejuvenate Skin

White charcoal helps rejuvenate the skin, makes it brighter, reduces acne, helps rejuvenate the skin and preserves beauty.

When you regularly wear makeup, exposure to dusty environments along with the skin aging process causes acne, rough and rough skin.

Compounds in white charcoal stimulate the exchange process under the skin’s surface and are anti-oxidant, making the skin softer and smoother.


Natural white charcoal toothpaste with more than 95% carbon ingredients helps your teeth become whiter and brighter.

You can use a toothpaste product that contains processed white charcoal powder, or a regular toothpaste and then apply a little white charcoal powder and then use.

You will definitely feel your teeth being whiter and cleaner right from the first use.


With 100% natural origin, binchotan white charcoal powder helps exfoliate dead cells, tighten pores and clean sebum on the skin.

There are many types of bath soaps with ingredients from white charcoal powder to help you maintain hygiene and have bright, radiant skin.


Wood vinegar juice is extracted from smoke generated during the production of white charcoal, has the effect of detoxifying and inhibiting bacteria.

Basic natural ingredients from wood vinegar are widely used in daily life.

Products such as: bath oils, skin care, detergents, pet cleaning products, insect repellents.


Dear friends, you probably remember those fireworks made of charcoal, crushed very finely, wrapped in paper and then covered with clay. Dry the firecracker in the sun until it’s completely dry. At night, go out to the field or on the dike with a fire to burn the top of the coal. We hold the firecracker and rotate it so that the fire flowers fly out and we are successful. Finally, we throw the firecracker forward like a shooting star.

“First dong lament, sell dong dong, do do dong diem match”

You probably remember, this is the recipe for making black explosives that almost all of us learned in chemistry.

At the 10th grade program, “in 11th grade we learn more about TNT explosives, in 12th grade we learn about smokeless explosives”.

Specifically: dong is the old unit of measurement  1 tael or 3.75 grams

  • Most carbon charcoal – Crush charcoal = 3.75 grams
  • Semi-synthetic – sulfur i.e. sulfur S = 0.5 x 3.75 grams
  • Green saltpeter – saltpeter is KNO3 salt = 6×3.75 grams 

Approximate with the modern manufacturing formula with the ratio of 75% KNO3 brimstone, 15% Carbon charcoal powder, 10% sulfur S

Black dynamite was the first explosive created by the Chinese, used as a raw material for gunpowder, dynamite, and detonating fuel.

When adding aluminum powder and some other ingredients, we will see fireworks, sparklers, and flares during holidays.


Binchotan white charcoal has the effect of eliminating ground rays and electromagnetic fields to help protect your family’s health. 

White charcoal produces an electromagnetic field that eliminates the effects of ground rays and other electromagnetic radiation on the human body.

Many areas have strong magnetic fields. If we live for a long time, our health will be seriously affected.

Symptoms include difficulty breathing, headaches, blood circulation disorders, reduced resistance and even extremely dangerous diseases such as cancer.


Refrigerator Deodorizer

Deodorizing the refrigerator and bacteria in the refrigerator is a great use of binchotan white charcoal.

Put a stick of white charcoal in the refrigerator, after 2-3 hours the odor and bacteria in the refrigerator will be eliminated.

Completely natural binchotan white charcoal helps prolong the life of your refrigerator and protect your family’s health.

You no longer have to waste a lot of effort on your part when regularly cleaning and deodorizing your refrigerator.

Eliminate odors from rooms and deodorize paint rooms

Eliminate room odors and paint rooms by using activated white carbon filters.

Activated white carbon filters always bring good results and are safe for users.

Research in Japan, with a bedroom area of ​​10m2, only 5-7 kg of white charcoal is needed for air conditioning to give you a good night’s sleep.

Activated cacbon gauze mask

Activated carbon masks with effective anti-dust and anti-toxic properties help deodorize and filter bacteria to protect your health.

Given the current pollution situation in big cities, masks containing activated white carbon are a proactive measure to help you protect yourself.


Eliminating electromagnetic waves helps keep the living space fresh, improving the quality of your family’s life.

When placed in the bedroom, white charcoal helps block electromagnetic radiation, reducing fatigue and nervous tension.

Extremely special hollow structure, white charcoal eliminates electromagnetic waves and harmful radiation from phones, computers, televisions and other electronic devices.

Since the French colonial period, the floors of the villas were lined with sand and “charcoal” cinders.

I was born and raised in the poor central region, grew up and worked in Hanoi and some northern provinces.

Every month from February to April after Tet, my family always suffers from “nausea” for many days, which hinders family activities.

After researching, I understood that the steaming mechanism is the physical phenomenon of “water vapor condensing due to the temperature difference in the environment”.

I realized that this phenomenon does not happen in stilt houses but only in houses built in the plains.

The layer of stone bricks used to build the foundation has no ability to absorb moisture and conducts heat poorly, causing the layer of air containing water vapor close to the surface to cool to the dew point and condense into water droplets.


One of the effective ways to eliminate mud from the beginning is to use yellow sand and white coal as lining material.

A layer of white charcoal 5-10cm thick under the foundation, mixed with cement sand and then built with brick and stone as usual.

Your floor will no longer be damp when it is lined with a layer of white charcoal underneath to protect the house.

With the same effect of eliminating earth rays, radiation rays, soil vapor and magnetic fields, it helps protect your property and health.

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